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I am a visual artist. 

My multi-disciplinary approach to a wide range of artistic forms includes drawing, painting, sculpture and instillation. This enables me to deliver layers of interest overlapping in my work as the 2D and 3D are cross-referenced and influence each another. This sub-consciously undisciplined practice allows my mind to explore a seemingly limitless expression of creativity.


Typically creating large-scale abstract mural like paintings, recycled sculptures and photography. Naturally drawn to patterns and repetitions of composition, as well as the contrasting line and form in urban environments where irregularities appear through layering and erosion overtime. My bold, typically largescale abstract mural like paintings, recycled sculptures and photography evolve to express a moment and memory in time. A combination of paint, writing and drawing are used to portray abstracted ephemeral layers of architectural lines and perspectives and as well as other fragments of what I see in the rush and chaos of the metropolis.


Cultural and contemporary frameworks affect my expression; music I listen to is a vital part of the way I work; rarely existing in silence. There are multiple intersections between contemporary Hip Hop music and visual art, as well as mutual points of inspiration between the two disciplines. Graffiti is one of the original pillars of the culture, the two have been intertwined since the early days of Hip Hop itself.


I am truly passionate about the environment. Planetary consideration will always be present in my works through using recycled, foraged and found materials and objects, ranging from old doors, road signs and bedsheets. There’s enjoyment in hunting for my canvases - getting outside is good for the soul and I subconsciously collect inspiration from the urban environment as I walk around.


Whilst climate change is a pressing and serious issue; I approach my work with a light-heartedness that disassociates the consequence of the materials I use allowing the viewer to visually immerse and loose themselves in a piece of work.

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